TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) – Students at Graham Elementary have been out of school since last Thursday because of a bat infestation problem that caused a foul smell.

The school remained closed indefinitely Wednesday while contractors worked to remove bat feces that built up over time inside the school.

“It’s very strange, but I guess when you think about it, bats tend to make nests at homes and what better place than an older school,” said parent Amanda Green, whose son is in the first grade.

“We got maybe an hour’s notice, so we came and all picked our children up, and that evening we all found out that it was a bat infestation,” she said.

Talladega City Schools superintendent Frank Costanza told CBS42 News that contractors were sent in and they no found live bats, but instead their feces that built up over time is what caused concern.

“No, it’s nothing new,” said Callie Green.

Amanda Green has two daughters who both used to attend Graham Elementary back in 2012.

“It wasn’t really a problem when we were here because they knew about it, they didn’t really want to do anything about it,” said Callie.

The bat feces is known to cause respiratory illness, and the school superintendent said a hygienist was sent out, but until he gets a certification signed off from them, then and only then will school doors reopen.

Costanza said he will have an update on Thursday on the status of reopening the school’s doors.