DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – We’re hearing from the attorney of a woman who claims the Montgomery County Jail staff used excessive force on her and covered it up.

A federal complaint has now been filed on behalf of Amber Swink. Her attorney not only is saying Swink was unnecessarily assaulted with pepper spray by a jail sergeant, he also is alleging the entire Montgomery county sheriff’s department leadership is covering it up.

Attorney Doug Brannon provided this video of the incident.READ MORE: Brookville woman sues over jail excessive force claims

He won’t say where he obtained it from but he does say when he asked the sheriff’s office for it, he was told it no longer existed.

It shows his client, Amber Swink, getting pepper sprayed while she was restrained in a chair after her arrest. He says she was also pepper sprayed earlier that night when she first arrived at the jail last November.

Brannon said that’s considered a use of force by that employee, but he was told by the sheriff’s office a use of force form was never filled out, which is policy.

“It’s not only the use of force we have an issue with, it’s the cover up of the incident. It goes to the highest levels of our sheriff’s department where documents were destroyed or hidden or buried, video was destroyed, hidden or buried,” said Brannon.

For two days 2 NEWS has tried to get a response and records from the Sheriff’s Office about the allegations but have not heard back. We’ll update this story once we do.