DARKE COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN)–Driving through the area, Resident Lorena Betzner captured two tornado funnels forming on camera, watching the destruction from miles away.

“It was far enough away but once I saw the debris on the bottom of it, it was surreal,” said Betzner.

On the 600 block of Schnorf-Jones Road in Arcanum, heavy damage ripped apart many structures spreading debris throughout the area. Neighbors watched the funnel pass by, knowing another family was in danger.

“It was terrifying, we’ve had a lot of activity for the last several years and I thought ‘oh no, not another one,’” said Neighbor Shelly Wolf.

The owners of the property did not want to appear on camera but said they were inside their barn when the tornado hit, causing it to collapse on them. No injuries were reported from the tornado. For several hours, neighbors helped clean up the property and surrounding area all because a friend was in need.

“The reason we came out is that we’re neighbors, we’re a farming community, we’re all farmers, so when a farmer is in need, we come and help each other,” said Neighbor Dan Peters. “That’s the reason we’re here, if one person is hurt or down, we all come to help.”

Clean-up will continue into Thursday morning.