THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — An Alabama man is recovering after a wreck that caused his car to slam into an underground drainage culvert.

Ricky Brokaw was rescued from that vehicle one week ago, on June 12.

Brokaw said he was on the way to meet a friend, and another driver on the road made a comment to him at the stop sign. He said he thought the individual had a gun, so he put his foot on the gas and took off.

That is when he found himself inside the underground culvert.

Brokaw lost an arm in the accident, while fire and rescue worked several hours to extricate Brokaw from the vehicle.

His sister, Sunny W. Avera said her brother is suffering from several other injuries, and he has quite a few surgeries ahead of him.

“His arm was amputated in the accident,” said Avera. “All the fractures in his face. His left ankle was severely fractured. He has plates everywhere, his clavicle was broken… “

The incident happened just past 2 p.m. Sunday Morning, near Nan Gray Davis and Woodside Drive. According to Theodore Dawes Fire Rescue, the crash required low-angle technical rescue, underground rescue and extrication.

Officials stayed on scene until daybreak, as they fought to rescue Brokaw. Brokaw still has a long road to recovery, but he said he is in good spirits because he is just thankful to be alive.

“No matter what I’m going to stay in good spirits because when it’s time for me to go the man upstairs is going to say come on cowboy, let’s ride,” said Brokaw. “There’s something out there that God wants me to do that’s why I’m still here.”

The family has set up a Go Fund Me Page for Brokaw, to cover medical expenses.