DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – One day later and the IRS e-file system hadn’t been back up since failing on Wednesday afternoon.

By Thursday evening, federal authorities announced the server should be up and running within hours.

For those who haven’t filed their taxes, the concern is, they’ll have to wait longer for their returns, but IRS officials say it should take the normal projected 21 days to receive that money, if not sooner than that.

For those who have filed, some wonder about the security of their information.

2 NEWS spoke with a local tax expert about how soon the system could be functioning.

Centerville’s Essex and Associates says most accountants expected the system to be repaired and working by Thursday evening.

And since it was not, the experts and locals alike worry about any potential impact to applications already filed and those to come.

The tax firm’s president, Dr. Wayne Essex says people should not worry about the security and stability of the online tax filing system.

Essex talked with IRS officials Thursday. He tells 2 NEWS federal authorities were able to partially access the system for a request he had.

But it appears the IRS hasn’t been able to repair the site for accountants or anyone else trying to access it and complete their applications.

Essex says people should not panic just yet.

Applicants can still e-file and their application will be held until the system is fully operating.

And Dr.Essex trusts that e-filing will work and will keep valuable information secure.

“Identity and tax fraud has become quite the issue over the last couple years; however, that’s not been an issue inside the Internal Revenue Services or us tax professionals,” he said. “The e-File system is so, so much better than the old paper filing system. It’s much quicker, it’s much more accurate, get your refunds back much quicker.”

Dr. Essex says most tax experts expect e-filing to be back up in no time, especially given that a majority of Americans use and prefer e-filing.

And once the server returns, if the process is as quick as before, he says applicants could be getting their refund within 7 days of filing.