YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) A house made out of hay sounds like something out of a fairy tale but it’s actually taking place in Yellow Springs. It’s a school project that’s taken all year long to create. These tiny builders are proving they have a big imagination.

Another year is almost complete at The Anticoh School.  There’s music class and recess. But before the kids leave for summer break they’re getting their hands dirty.

These kindergartners aren’t just playing in the dirt. They’re building a play house.

Lindie Keaton Kindergarten Teacher says, “The children last fall came in at snack and said we need another play house I was telling them how one of our houses was built by kindergartners.”

This house isn’t made with brick and mortar but rather with bales of hay. The entire class was involved from the beginning. Sketching the structure to helping frame it.

“They actually helped more with the construction and framing than I thought was possible. They got to use a wrench, hammering put some of the loft floor up,”  Keaton explains.

No task is too big for these pint size construction workers.

Lilly Clair Kindergartner says, “Earlier when it was just starting I got to help carry boards.”

Now they’re adding clay to the bales of hay to make the walls sturdy. These kids are learning ideas can become a reality no matter what your age.

Oskar Kindergartner says, “Just cause they’re littler doesn’t mean they can’t build anything.”

The class hopes to have the house completed by the end of the school year.  The plan is to add a slide once its complete.