DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It’s been a deadly year in Dayton.

So far this year there have been 39 homicides, the most since 2012.

8 0f those 39 cases are unsolved. Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl says that’s a hard reality for him and his detectives.

“It’s frustrating. Homicide cases are complex, they take time,” he said.

2 NEWS reporter Maytal Levi asked, “Do you think your department is doing everything you can to solve these cases?”

Biehl replied, “I would say with the resources we have available, we are working very, very hard. Would I like to have more detectives? Yes, I would I think we would get better results.”

As for the families whose cases are unsolved he asks they be patient and keep communicating with law enforcement.

The following is a list of the victims whose cases have not been solved this year and when they were murdered:

  • Davonte Hoskins, 3/15/16
  • Eric Parker, 4/17/16
  • Kevin Anderson, 6/17/16
  • William White, 6/24/16
  • Arven Hunt, 6/27/16
  • Tashawna Gaines, 8/17/16
  • Jamar Jackson, 8/23/16
  • Thomas Hammett, 9/23/16

Homicide clearance rates by year:

2012 -15 of the 27 homicides were solved

2013-14 of the 30 homicides were solved

2014-19 of the 29 homicides were solved

2015-14 of the 28 homicides were solved

2016-39, could drop to 38 as one case is currently being investigated as self-defense, 31 are currently solved

In the past five years, the Dayton Police Department solved 61-percent of homicides, that’s 93 out of 153 murders.