DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An investigation is ongoing into 49-year-old Charles Womack, who is facing numerous charges.

A Springfield woman called 911 on Tuesday around 4:20 p.m. telling dispatch, “They hogtied me and threw me into my car, drove me to his house, and realized he didn’t have keys. He left them here, drove back here, re-hog tied me.”

The woman described what happened to her after being abducted and held in a basement for five hours, tied with cable cords. The caller, plus another woman are both residents of the same address were abducted.

The other woman was severely injured and may have a broken hip.

Womack was a visitor of a tenant, who was renting the basement of the home. Womack and the tenant were in a romantic relationship and got into an argument. During the argument, Womack pushed the tenant down the stairs, badly hurting her and sending her to Miami Valley Hospital.

Lieutenant Christopher Shultz, Detective Commander of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office says Womack is in custody in Allen County in Indiana, after being caught and held at gunpoint by officers, noting that Womack does have a history with law enforcement.

“Our suspect has prior law-enforcement contact, but that is part of our investigation with him,” Shultz said.

“It may influence the charges that come out, so we are not releasing the particular information at this time because we want to make sure we have everything together before we do that but he does have prior law enforcement contact.”

Womack is facing charges of:

  • 2 counts of kidnapping
  • 2 counts of abduction
  • 1 count of felonious assault

The investigation is still ongoing.