DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Vegan It Iz Chef Rhea Adkins showcased her signature BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich on Thursday at the Living Dayton Kitchen!

Chef Adkins has mastered using jackfruit as a meat substitute, neutralizing its taste with spices and overloading your taste buds without knowing the entire recipe is vegan-friendly. Starting with the jackfruit, Chef Adkins allowed it to cook for roughly 10 minutes before drizzling her sweet and tangy sauce over it. To neutralize the jackfruit vinegar-like taste, she uses chili powder to give it a new taste! While the jackfruit was simmering, the coleslaw was put together with vegan-friendly cream cheese! With garlic powder, minced onion and more, her signature BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich starts to take form once the jackfruit and coleslaw are layered on top of a Kroger vegan-friendly brioche bun.

To watch Chef Adkins put together her recipe, watch the video above or click here!