DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — ‘Tis the season to watch your mailbox or inbox for your 2022 tax documents. Eric Ebbert with River Valley Credit Union shared tips on what to look for.

There’s a lot to consider before you start your taxes or hand off your documents to someone to prepare for you.

Make sure you are checking:

  • Your mailbox
  • Your email
  • Your online statements.

What should you look for?

  • W-2 from your employer or 1099 for unemployment
  • 1099 from your savings account that generate interest – don’t forget your HSA
  • 1098 if you
    • Paid interest on a mortgage
    • Have student loan interest
  • Statements for IRA, investments or retirement accounts

What else should you remember?

  • Records or receipts of business expenses,
  • charitable donations,
  • records of income or expenses aside from your primary employer,
  • If you work from home receipts from your home office
  • Gambling income

For more information, click here or watch the video above!

*This segment is sponsored by River Valley Credit Union.*