DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Nearly 112 million Americans are hacked each year. That’s roughly 1-in-3 people that have their online data breached! Eric Ebbert with River Valley Credit Union shared some tips to keep your information safe while online.

Password Tips

  • Use a secure password manager
  • Do NOT use the first password that comes to mind – it’ll be too easy!
    • No kids names, pets names, etc
    • The longer, the better. Try an entire random sentence.
  • Include numbers and special characters


  • Click a link from an untrusted source
  • Open an attachment from an untrusted source
  • Give personal information to someone initiating contact
  • If you’re suspicious, hang-up and call a TRUSTED number

For more information, watch the video above!

*This segment is sponsored by River Valley Credit Union.*