DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– For some older parents, letting go of your adult children may be a challenge. However, Eric Ebbert with Rivery Valley Credit Union is encouraging parents to focus on saving and preserving your retirement funds rather than spending it on your adult children.

Ebbert says a post-retirement job would certainly help with retirement income and allow you to give more toward your adult children. However, working during retirement could hurt your Social Security benefits. Before you reach Full Retirement Age, Social Security has an income cap. If you earn too much, your benefits are reduced.

However, your adult children have other revenue sources. For example, if they need help with paying for college, there are loans, grants and scholarships to help make ends meet. Plus, Ebbert says they have time on their side to find ways out of their situation, but as you near retirement, you don’t. Start by saving plenty for your golden years; after that you can help your adult children.

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