DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Whether flowers are for celebrations or condolences, many folks want their bouquets to last forever. Local business, Bloombeads by Freezeframe, is making that wish a possibility.

Carli Dixon, co-founder of Bloombeads by Freezeframe, said the company helps preserve full bouquets or blooms and also turns flowers into beads for bracelets or rosaries.

“It’s much less a business and much more an art form,” Dixon said.

The business has customers from across the country and even from outside of the United States, but Dixon said the clients all share one thing in common.

“It’s sentimental people, and that can really be anyone,” Dixon said.

They can freeze full bouquets to look exactly as they did on a wedding day, or can turn memorial flowers into jewelry for loved ones to wear.

Customer, Gwen McDermott said it is a way to keep memories of loved ones alive.

“I see [the flowers] daily,” McDermott said. “They’re just part of the living room part of my family. It’s just nice.”

Dixon came up with the business idea in college and when she and her mother, Nanci Hames, began the company, they had no idea it would blossom into such a success. Dixon said that working with her family and in this industry, she’s reminded of what’s important in life.

“It’s a real reminder to me as somebody that works with my mom and does this very sentimental work, to keep the priorities in order.”

For further information, watch the video above or visit their website.