DAYTON, OH (WDTN) – There’s a new frozen dessert in town! Whit’s Frozen Custard arrived on Main Street in Centerville in July.

Jeffrey Neace, owner of Whit’s Centerville, said ice cream has small air pockets in it, while their frozen custard is completely smooth.

“It’s frozen custard and it’s a little different than ice cream in that it has a higher degree of butterfat and it has eggs,” Neace said.

While lines spill out the doors of the newly renovated building, the 50s themed custard joint didn’t always look this way.

“It was an old Marathon service station and it’s sat here, I believe for right around eight years empty,” Neace said. “It was somewhat of a community eyesore.”

But the refurbished building caught the eyes of many locals, and Neace said his dream of creating a communal space has more than come true.

“The community has embraced us, they’ve come here in droves many nights,” Neace said. “This dining room will be completely full, the patio will be completely full, and we’ve gotten such good feedback from the community.”

Jennifer Brooks, General Manager of Whit’s Frozen Custard Centerville, said lines have been consistently going out the door, all the way to the sidewalk or the street.

“It was really eye opening to see just the response that we received, the welcoming that we received within the community,” Brooks said. “Everybody was here trying it, lines were crazy. I wasn’t sure if they’d ever stop! But it’s a good problem to have. We really appreciated everyone coming out and giving it a try.”