DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Get your sweet tooth ready for Sweet Dew Bakery! Owner & Founder Emily Dew celebrated Friday with gluten free masterpieces in the Living Dayton Kitchen.

In a gluten free kitchen, Dew can make desserts that address many, if not all, food sensitivities. On Friday, Emily made her signature s’mores gluten-free cake! With a chocolate cake with whipped vanilla buttercream base, she drizzled warm milk chocolate on top, sprinkled gluten-free graham crackers and topped it off with roasted marshmallow and marshmallow buttercream.

And, we can’t forget the busy wedding season! Sweet Dew Bakery makes signature cupcake shooters for fun treats at weddings including their fall favorite Maple Bourbon Pecan Cupcake Shooter!

For more information on different wedding flavors Sweet Dew Bakery can make, click here or watch the video above!