DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – If you’re looking for a way to spend some more time in the outdoors, and high up in the air, look no further than The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue!

Whether you enjoy nature or have a more adventurous side, this venue allows you to spend some time in the fresh air while enjoying a relaxing getaway.

There are plenty of amenities in each woodsy home, but the treehouses are meant to work with nature. Kevin Mooney said that a big focus of this venue is sustainability.

“My son was studying to get a degree in sustainability, and I said son, what does that mean? He said, Dad, you have to leave the Earth better than it was when you came,” Mooney said. “So, we’ve really modeled our treehouses, our cabins, our houses around the environment.”

Mooney said they use natural stone, and reused barn siding to build these houses.

On top of the impact these treehouses are making on nature, Mooney said the experience of staying in a treehouse is unlike any other.

“You’re up in the trees, you’re 25 feet off the ground, the wind blows, and you feel the sway, you see the chandelier moving, I mean staying in treehouses is such a fun time,” Mooney said.

For directions click here, and for further information, watch the video above!