DAYTON, OHIO (WDTN) – One local restaurant brings the taste of France and Peru to the heart of Centerville. Manna is a bar and restaurant with luxurious decorations, unique cuisine, and colorful cocktails.

Margot Blondet, Executive Chef and Owner of Manna said the inspiration came from wanting to make a high-end bar for Centerville.

“When I wanted to go have a drink in Centerville, I wanted something that didn’t have a TV,” Blondet said. “And I wanted something nice for a woman to be alone and feel comfortable.”

Blondet said she wanted the restaurant to look like it was in the middle of Europe.

“I wanted the place to look like you are in the old world,” Blondet said. “A lot of the lights come from France, the paintings are from the Louvre Museum.”

Being French and Peruvian, Blondet drew from her roots to create the menu.

“I went to French traditional because there’s not French restaurants anymore in the town,” Blondet said.

Their diverse menu covers everything from fish, to lamb, to a steak. But Blondet said that there’s so much more to Manna than the food.

“I’m not only about the food, it’s about the whole experience, from the lighting and the decor, the music, the drinks, the wine, everything,” Blondet said.