DAYTON, OHIO (WDTN) – It’s corn! Young’s Jersey Dairy might be known for its cheese and ice cream, but its corn maze adds another attraction to the long list of reasons why their farm is so special. Cowvin’s Corny Maze and Playland, is named after Cowvin, the baby of the Cow Family.

John Young, Chief Marketing Officer for Young’s Jersey Dairy, said the maze is created from more than 3½ acres of cornfield and has over one mile of paths.

“We just had corn out here, it wasn’t doing anything, so we thought we’d cut some of it down and make a fun maze out of it,” Young said.

Young said the best part, and what makes their corn maze so special, isn’t found in the fields.

“You get ice cream at the end,” Young said. “I mean that has to be the best part of the maze, is that you get out and now it’s time for ice cream or cheese curds.”

It’s taken some practice over 20 years to make their corn look this amazing. Young said a few years ago, there was too much rain in the spring so the corn didn’t grow as they had expected it would.

“At opening the corn was about five foot tall, so not conducive to having a great maze,” Young said. “So, we took some of the toys and activities, and we put those in part of the maze, there was a big patch that no corn grew.”

Showing the true meaning of the saying “you grow where you’re planted.”

“Everyone really loved it, so we decided that we’ll continue doing that every year,” Young said.

Click the video above for the ins and outs of the maze.