DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Greene County Animal Control had almost one pet a day get adopted during NBC’s National Campaign “Clear the Shelters”. One of those pets that was adopted is a special needs pit mix named Snow!

We’ve brought you his story during 2022 Clear the Shelters and now again in 2023. However, Snow has found his forever home in the heart of Xenia.

“It’s just an instant bond with him, I felt like he needed love, the look in his eyes,” said Owner Stephanie Hawkins. “When we brought him home, he sniffed around, found his bed and he knew he was home.”

The final car ride, the moment Snow knew he was going home, and this time, for good. 11-year-old Karter Hawkins and his mom Stephanie went to Greene County Animal Control looking for their forever friend during NBC’s Clear the Shelters Campaign and came home with none other than a fun-loving pit mix Snow.

“I felt bad for him,” said Karter Hawkins. “We bonded together because sometimes he’s hyper and sometimes he’s lazy but he’s so loveable.”

Snow was at Greene County Animal Control for several years and while he bonded with staff, they are ecstatic he’s found his forever home, including his foster dad PR & Marketing Manager Jarrod Mitchell.

“The staff fell in love with him and I fell in love with him, I do miss him and I think about him everyday honestly.”

Seeing Snow hop up into the Hawkin’s car, Jarrod knew he was going home.

“When he got up in that car, my heart melted,” said Mitchell. “It was probably a couple days later that it sank like ok he’s home and that’s the moment for me when I was able to relax for him because again he’s been such a huge part of my life.”

NBC’s Clear the Shelter Campaign makes it easier than ever to feel prepared when bringing home a four-legged friend like Snow.

“Can’t ask for the animals to be better prepared, they’re already neutered, microchipped up to date on shots, they’re ready to go home,” said Stephanie Hawkins.

Snow and thousands of other animals’ journey at home just started, thanks to families answering the call to clear the shelters.

“I feel good, because I did a good thing by adopting a dog that’s been there for two years,” said Karter Hawkins.

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