DAYTON, OHIO (WDTN) – It’s Wild Wednesday, which means we get a virtual visit from the Columbus Zoo! Emily Yunker, Animal Programs Specialist at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, shared a visit to the Giraffe exhibit along with a trip to their Heart of Africa exhibit.

The Columbus Zoo will offers up-close views of their giraffes up and guests can even feed them! For $5 for one feeding or $15 for four feedings, guests can purchase food to feed the giraffes throughout the day.

Yunker shared that giraffe tongues can get up to 18 inches long.

“It’s super helpful because in the wild they’re going to eat a lot of leaves and vegetation that is up high,” Yunker said. “That tongue helps to wrap around the trees and just slurp things off no problem.”

Their giraffes are located in the Heart of Africa area, which fills up 43-acres and is the Zoo’s largest region to date.