DAYTON, OHIO (WDTN) – The holidays are the perfect time to impress guests with a homemade dish. BestReviews’ baking expert and chef Andrea Boudewijn shares pro tips on making fall baking festive, fun, and of course, tasty.

You can use cookie cutters to decorate pie crusts easily. Cutters shaped like leaves or pumpkins are an excellent way to give your pie a fall aesthetic. 

Bundt cakes are decorative treats baked in a ring-shaped pan. In most cases, these pans have fluted edges that give the cake an elegant look. A Bundt cake pan is a good idea if you’re interested in baking fall cakes. Still, with the right materials, you can bake these cakes without specialized pans.

Muffins are a popular sweet treat throughout the year. Adding lemon zest to your muffins gives them a tangy flavor you’re sure to enjoy. Adding frozen fruit is another easy way to enhance your muffins’ flavor. When using frozen fruit in your baked goods, you must account for the extra water they’ll release as you bake. You’ll want to add additional thickener to your recipe so the frozen fruit doesn’t make your muffins soggy. You can also put a savory spin on blueberry muffins. “Try an herb like thyme or maybe some rosemary or something from your neighbor’s garden,” Boudewijn said. 

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