DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The holiday season means gifts galore for many Americans. Some folks might prefer online shopping, and with all those purchases and packages, that can lead to many delivery scams.

Sheri Sword, BBB VP of Communications, shared the top delivery scams to look out for this holiday season.

Sheri said to look out for phishing texts or emails that pose as official notices from delivery companies. Another delivery scam involves fake “missed delivery” tags. The scammers place a note on your door that claims they are having challenges delivering a package to you. They ask you to call a phone number to reschedule your delivery, but it’s a ruse to get your personal information.

Package theft is another common issue. Thieves snatch packages from doorsteps or lobbies of apartment or condo complexes.

Sheri shared some ways to avoid these scams:

  • Purchase shipping insurance
  • Get tracking numbers for purchases
  • Request a signature
  • Ship to the store and pick the package up there
  • Don’t leave packages sitting on your doorstep

For more holiday-related tips and information, watch the video above or visit the BBB’s website or visit the BBB’s holiday headquarters by clicking here.