DAYTON, OHIO (WDTN) – Keeping your pets loved and well-trained is important, and HALO provides information on behavior, adoption and training.

Cathy Brown, HALO public relations, brought along the sweetest pup – Blueberry! She shared some information on their organization and how to keep your pets well behaved.

HALO stands for Helping Animals Lost and Orphaned. The 501(C)(3) organization specializes in creating behavior programs that are practical for shelter staff, volunteers, and the busy family. 

HALO has their state-of-the-art Transitional Shelter on over 5-acres of land. For dogs who suffer from behaviors, such as aggression and resource guarding, are housed in the shelter with each having a 10×10 room and daybed. Each room has a TV for movies and music, and a camera for 24/7 monitoring. The shelter has a common area where the dogs can lounge with staff and volunteers.

HALO is holding an open house event for adoptions and pet interaction.

HALO is holding an open house on Saturday, October 8th from 2-4pm. Visit and potentially adopt a new family member!