DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Do you think you can eat a 16-inch sub in 16 minutes? Stop by Submarine House and find out!

Submarine House is celebrating 50 years in business and Kelsey Mears joined the Living Dayton team to talk about the 2023 Super Duper Cheesesteak Challenge.

Those who partake in the challenge will have 16 minutes to eat a 16-inch Super Duper sub which weighs about three and a half pounds. If completed within 16 minutes, you’ll win a t-shirt and not have to pay for the sub!

Kelsey said you can try the challenge whenever you want at any Submarine House location.

Each restaurant will have its own top ten leaderboard for the challenge. From there, Submarine House will hold semi-finals leading to the finals at the Kettering location on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Kelsey said proceeds from the event will go toward Dayton Children’s Hospital.

For more information about the challenge, click here.

*This segment is sponsored by Submarine House.*