DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Have you been eating healthy and working out but still not where you want to be for swimsuit season? Let Jiva Med Spa help you out!

Dr. Rakesh Nanda with Jiva Med Spa suggested semaglutide to help you slim down this summer!

How semaglutide works is it targets the part of your brain that controls your hunger, making you less hungry, said Dr. Nanda. As you eat less, you’ll lose weight and your stomach will shrink, meaning you’ll keep the weight off!

Semaglutide is most importantly safe, said Dr. Nanda. They use a form of the drug that is physician-controlled so you don’t have to worry.

Right now, Jiva Med Spa is running a special! For your first month of treatment, it’s half off!

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*This segment is sponsored by Jiva Med Spa.*