DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton Black Panther gathered on Saturday to hold a clean-up event to clean up a very historic house and the neighborhood surrounding it in Dayton.

The house the Dayton Black Panther Party cleaned was once a part of the Underground Railroad in the area of Courtwood Avenue and Woodside Avenue in Dayton.

The effort to help clean up the community was more than just a clean up for the neighborhood, but a time to bring awareness for all of the community in Dayton. The organization wanted to help the community understand there is an increase in the trash dumping.

To help the community stay clean, event organizers asks people to take responsibility and do their part to help out the Dayton area in doing what they can to ensure they are contributing in keeping the community clean.

Catherine Swain is a member of Keeping Our Community Clean and Adopt-A-Block. Swain tells 2 NEWS the dumping issues cause a sleuth of health problems for community members, so residents should understand how the impact of helping to clean up the area.

“At the end of the day, we’re dealing with mental, emotional, financial and physical health issues when it comes to the dumping,” Swain said. “So, we have to understand how this all, how it’s a big circle and how it impacts every aspect of our lives.”

If you are someone that is not able to afford to dispose of your garbage at the dump, the organization has resources available to help assist. You are also able to call the city of Dayton and they will come once a month to collect what you may have to dispose of.