DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — President Joe Biden is pushing for a more than $4.5 trillion budget deal, a contentious topic on Capitol Hill as Democrats and Republicans are split on the price, and where the money is going.

As of now, $3.5 trillion of that budget is intended for the coming decade and will be used on initiatives focused on climate change, education, a Medicare expansion and more. The remaining $1 trillion-plus is a part of a bipartisan comprise on infrastructure projects.

“There’s about $1.2 trillion that is a bipartisan package, and that package goes right directly to things that we normally think of as infrastructure: roads, bridges, highways,” said Rep Mike Turner (OH-10). “The rest of it … is enormous spending and it will hit in the area of inflation everyone is seeing, right at there grocery stores.”

Turner points to a shared interest in infrastructure for areas of Ohio, like in Cincinnati, where the Brent Spence Bridge is in dire need of immediate repairs.