(NBC) — The Live Show phase of “The Voice” begins Monday, 16 singers remain, and they will perform for the viewer’s vote to get one of the 13 spots to stay in the competition.

Simply getting any chair to turn is one thing.

“After I was done singing, I was like, did I just do that?” said Rowan Grace of Team Blake.

Making it through “The Voice” Battle and Knockout Rounds has been another.

“Now that I’ve been up there a few times, it’s a little more comforting,” said Team Blake’s Brayden Lape.

Contestants hope that comfort carries into the season’s first live show.

“The live aspect still definitely gives me a little bit more anxiousness,” Bodie of Team Blake said. “But it’s gonna be so fun.”

“I’ve been waiting to be thrust into this part of the industry since I was a little boy,” said Kevin Hawkins of Team Gwen.

It is 16 singers, four from each team.

“When I get on stage, it feels so like, right, it feels so good,” said Team Gwen’s Alyssa Witrado.

And now, they must earn more than just their coach’s approval.

“I think it’s a lot harder knowing that America is in charge now,” said Kate Kalvach of Team Camila.

Viewer votes will decide the artists’ fate from here on out.

“I want the pressure,” said Team Gwen’s Kique. “I want all the pressure on me because that’s, I think, when I succeed the most.”

“It’s just something about showtime that just turns me into a completely different person sometimes,” said Kim Cruse of Team Legend.

An opportunity for artists to rise to the occasion.

“I got some surprises in store that gotta make some of y’all scream and holla,” said Eric Who of Team Camila.

Then, the drama really begins.

“Who is going home and who’s going to stay that is terrifying, truly terrifying,” said Team Legend’s Parijita Bastola.

“I know it’s going to be intense, but let’s go!” said Morgan Myles of Team Camila.

The fun is about to start.

“The Voice” airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC4.