CLEVELAND (WJW) – It’s a ‘major award’ and it’s now in need of a new owner.

One of Cleveland’s most iconic homes is listed for sale, leaving many to wonder what’s the future hold for the ‘A Christmas Story‘ house?

The listing for Ralphie’s home from the 1983 film, A Christmas Story, was posted on the museum and landmark’s Facebook page early Monday morning.

According to the listing, “The House, built in 1895, was purchased on eBay in December 2004 and required a massive renovation to restore it to its original movie splendor. The House started public tours on November 25th, 2006, and since has welcomed over a million guests and counting.”

So, why are the owners selling and what’s the future hold for the home?

According to Chad Whitmer with Hoff & Leigh Commercial Real Estate, “It’s just the right time. They’ve done a lot of work here. They’ve turned this into something special. It’s a family that owns it and they’re just looking for new opportunities to move on and they’re hoping somebody comes along takes this, creates it, and turns it into something even more special, and makes it an even greater destination for people visiting Cleveland.”

According to the listing, the sale includes more than just the home.

“There is a whole campus here. There’s the gift shop, the museum, Bumpus’ house, some parking lots. It’s really a campus here the owners have developed this into,” said Whitner.

There is no listed asking price, but the listing company says they expect “a high level of interest” and “significant” offers.

The listing comes just days before HBO Max releases a sequel to the film.

To view the listing, click here.