CULVER CITY, Calif. (WDTN) — Chaminade Julienne graduate Amy Schnieder finished third in the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions special exhibition game that aired Tuesday.

Schnieder is the record-breaking winner of 40 consecutive games with earnings over $1.3 million. She ranks second all-time behind Ken Jennings for most consecutive wins.

Schneider is a Seeded Champion, allowing her to bypass the quarterfinals which began on Oct. 31.

On Tuesday’s show, Schnieder faced off against Seeded Champions Matt Amodio from Connecticut and Mattea Roach from Canada.

The “Final Jeopardy!” question was in the category of Chemical Elemental Names: “The three elements whose names begin with two vowels are iodine and these two, one synthetic and one natural.”

Schnieder and Amodio did not know the answer, however, Roach answered correctly with einsteinium and europium, according to Roach and Amodio did not wager and ended with $17,600 and $3,600 respectively. Schnieder wagered $6,496, finishing third with $904.

The semifinals will air Wednesday featuring Schnieder against Maureen O’Neil, an executive assistant from Massachusetts, and Tyler Rhode, a director at a start-up from New York.

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