(NBC) — Qualifying continues Monday in week 2 of “American Ninja Warrior” and the show’s co-hosts talk about how the obstacles on the course aren’t always the toughest ones for the athletes.

The athletes on “American Ninja Warrior” do plenty to impress the men calling the action.

“Some of these obstacles, when Matt and I walk up, we’re like, what in the world, no one can do this,” said show host Akbar Gbajabiamila.

But frequently, the demonstrations of athletic prowess are secondary.

“So often, the obstacles they overcome on the course are nothing compared to what they’ve overcome off the course in life,” said host Matt Iseman.

That was the case last week for Christopher Harding Jones the 17-year-old who suffers from sensory processing disorder.

“Sometimes you see the athletes surprise themselves when they get out there on the course and they do better than even they thought was possible,” said Iseman.

Jones also lost his father to lung cancer but was inspired by his father’s “living wide” motto.

“It’s not about the length of your life, it’s about the width of your life,” said Jones in a clip from the show.

Words that helped Jones overcome his fears to be the season’s first course-finisher.

“Akbar would look at me and go, ‘Are you crying?’ During runs, during the, the interviews afterwards, there were so many unbelievable stories we got to tell this year in so many awesome moments,” said Iseman.

With more to come.

“American Ninja Warrior” airs Monday at 8 p.m., followed by an all-new “The Weakest Link” at 10 p.m.

“ANW” contestant list June 13, 2022:

  • Ace Goodson, Philadelphia, PA
  • Ryan Hermstein, Ellicott City, MD
  • Jay Lewis, Cheshire, CT
  • Josiah Pippel, Moorestown, NJ
  • Sophia Lavallee, Lancaster, MA
  • Matt Bradley, Wayne, PA
  • Joe Moravsky, Sherman, CT
  • Sandy Zimmerman, Spokane, WA
  • Lyndsey Littlefield, Fall River, MA
  • Abraham Nova, Albany, NY
  • Mary Leighton, Keene, NH
  • Bryan Mendez, Brentwood, NY
  • Robert Moffitt, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mykayla Skinner, Gilbert, AZ
  • Jonas Harmer, American Fork, UT
  • Jessie Graff, Frederick, MD
  • Josh Giles, San Antonio, TX
  • Zach Palazzo, Ridgefield, CT
  • Jacob Arnstein, Holbrook, MA
  • Quinn Nguyen, Henrietta, NY
  • Wes Meador, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Jenny Remack, Aurora, CO
  • Stewart Mahler, Rochester, NY
  • Najee Richardson, Philadelphia, PA
  • Nicholas Roalef, Sound Beach, NY
  • Mckinley Pierce, Waitsfield, VT
  • Darion Bennett, East Windsor, NJ
  • Steve Donnelly, Halifax, MA
  • Conor Galvin, Baiting Hollow, NY
  • Lucas Reale, Kingston, MA
  • Cara Mack, Maywood, NJ
  • Rachel Degutz, East Brunswick, NJ
  • Abby Clark, Holderness, NH
  • Jeremy Warters, Syracuse, NY
  • Anthony Eardley, Oneonta, NY
  • Luke Dillon, Warwick, RI
  • Aly Merto, Holden, MA
  • Tyler Behrle, North Caldwell, NJ
  • Branden McWilliams, Abbottstown, PA
  • Jennifer Stefano, Edinboro, PA
  • Josh Squire, Boston, MA
  • James Sannella, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Matt D’Amico, Watertown, MA
  • Daniel Navarro, Harrington Park, NJ
  • Robbie Jimenez, Vacaville, CA
  • James Burns, North Andover, MA
  • Dave Kozak, Buffalo, NY
  • Ryan Sanders, Erie, PA