DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The First-Time Voter Project is following first-time voters through the 2020 election year as they participate in their first primary in March and their first election in November.

Young voters from around the area will share their most important issues and challenges as they take part in the election process for the first time.

Last week, five of our first-time voters met and discussed political issues at WDTN studios. Each video features an introduction from our first-time voters as well as them discussing key issues with others in the group. will be holding more of these discussions through the election year.

Meet our group of 2020 first-time voters:

Name: Joey Nartker

From: Riverside area bordering Old North Dayton

Key Issues: The food desert occurring in Old North Dayton as well as wealth disparities between downtown and the other areas of the city. Finding affordable health care while he manages student debt in college.

Name: Chineye Amagwu

From: Beavercreek

Key Issues: The increasing polarization of Americans along political lines. Managing student loan debt and finding unbiased news sources.

Name: Geroan Njumashua

From: Vandalia

Key Issues: Current immigration laws and how they vary between administrations. Finding unbiased news sources and other points of view in media.

Name: Liam Armstrong

From: Kettering

Key Issues: Global warming, the environment and the lack of action by legislators to address both issues Finding unbiased news sources to examine if the news on social media is true or false.

Name: Lilith Holloway

From: Centerville

Key Issues: Women’s issues, especially birth control. The environment and global warming. Balancing the costs of college with work and student debt while attending school.

Throughout 2020, we’ll be meeting with our group of first-time voters, getting their opinions and thoughts on key issues and asking them about the issues that will take them to the polls. Stay with throughout the election process for updates from our first-time voters.