DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The annual “Sound the Alarm” campaign made its way back to the Dayton area on Saturday. 

Free smoke detectors were installed by volunteers of the American Red Cross. A home campaign was started around fire safety aimed at reducing the deaths and injuries of fires. 

Residents who utilize the service were able to hear information on disaster preparedness and receive lessons on home fire safety. Volunteers also installed the free detectors in homes to make the community safer in another way.

The Red Cross and community volunteers went door to door this morning offering to install the detectors and help residents learn about fire safety. 

Sue Smith was a volunteer at the event. Smith says people are happy the organization and volunteers take the time to look out for the community. 

“They are all just very thankful that we are doing this,” Smith said. “You know normally they don’t think about it, or they can’t physically put them up, or they don’t have the money to buy them. We don’t discriminate. anyone that asks we put them in for them. they’re very thankful.” 

More than 36,000 homes have taken part in the free safety event in central and southern Ohio since the campaign began nearly a decade ago.