DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — After three years on the market, the PlayStation 5 is going on a diet, but the most important number on the scale — the price — is going up, not down, at least for some.

Sony announced on its PlayStation Blog that it would be rolling out “slim” iterations of the all-digital and 4K Blu-ray-equipped originals. While the price of the slim with the Blu-ray drive remains unchanged at $500, the new version of the digital console is jumping from $400 to $450.

One minor upgrade for both new consoles: They come equipped with full 1TB SSDs instead of the 825GB SSDs on the original versions. (And you can still expand the console storage by installing a high-speed M.2 SSD.)

Physically, the PS5 slims aren’t radical redesigns. They maintain the “winged” appearance of the original models, just shorter, narrower and less deep. Sony says the console’s volume will be reduced by 30%, and its weight by 18-24%.

Sony has redesigned the faceplates that are to the left and right of the main console unit (when standing it vertically). Where the original models’ were single pieces of plastic, the new slim models feature two pieces on each side: glossy on the top and matte on the bottom.

As a concession to those who might buy the new slim digital and then wish they had the ability to play physical games and movies, Sony will make a Blu-ray drive attachment you can pick up for $80.

The vertical stand, which had been included with the original design, will now by an optional $30 purchase. The slim consoles will come with a horizontal if you want to lay the PS5 flat.