DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Starbucks is known for its Cake Pops, coffee products, Refreshers and the specialty collectible cups for enthusiasts. A change by the company could mean you notice something different in your cup if you order an beverage with ice in the future.

The company is introducing new ice machines, which produce nugget ice, rather than the normal cubed ice.

“Customers who have tried the nugget ice in our hand-crafted iced beverages during testing had a resoundingly positive response,” a Starbucks spokesperson said. “Like many of our recent investments, this machine allows partners to focus on delivering the Starbucks Experience while hand-crafting the same delicious, high-quality iced beverages our customers have come to expect from Starbucks.

Select stores will receive the new machines, but the process will be happening over the course of multiple years. Many stores will not receive the machines in 2023. Stores that see a higher volume of cold drink sales will have a greater effect by the change, Starbucks says.

Concerns about the ability of drinks melting the ice faster have been brought up to Starbucks. The company says the nugget ice does not melt faster than the ice consumers receive in their drinks. Several tests were conducted to see the ability for how long the ice would stay ice.

When baristas scoop the ice into the cups, the same ice scoop and amount will be placed into the cup. The volume of ice in the drink will not change.

By 2030, the company has a goal to cut the water footprint in half. The ice machines will use less water to make the ice, which will help further the goal set by the company.