COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The chant ‘F*** Joe Biden’ that has become popular among some right-leaning Americans would have made it to dozens of Ohio vanity license plates if not for the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which rejected nearly 50 submissions last year related to the chant.

The 827 vanity license plate submissions the BMV denied last year included at least 48 plates referencing ‘F*** Joe Biden’ or making a similar comment, according to NBC4’s analysis of an internal list received via public records request.

Examples include ‘USA FJB,’ ‘FKB1DN‘ and ‘FJBMAGA.’

Chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden’ first became popular last September with sports crowds. Another version, ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ took off after an Oct. 2 TV interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who had just won a race in Alabama.

Some rejected Ohio plates made reference to this chant, like ‘LGBF46,’ which likely stands for “Let’s Go Brandon, F*** (president No.) 46.” Others included references to Vice President Kamala Harris, like ‘FJBFKH.’

Another plate — ‘FFAUCI‘ — made reference to the president’s top medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, a leader in the U.S. response to COVID-19.

Most rejected BMV vanity plate submissions that referenced Biden chants happened after September, per the BMV’s list. Some others were submitted earlier in the year, including one in January close to the president’s inauguration. In all, they accounted for 6% of denied plates.

View the full list of plates rejected in 2021 at the link here. Viewer discretion is advised.

The vast majority of plates that the BMV denied were either vulgar or alluded to inappropriate bodily functions. Ohio has specific rules for custom license plates, BMV spokesperson Lindsey Bohrer said, that ban profane, obscene, and sexual language, as well as plates that could provoke violence or lawlessness.

Some drivers last year, though, had more innocuous submissions, with denied plates like ‘H8OHIO‘ and ‘LMAO EPA.’

827 plates is a 79% increase over the year before, which saw 462 denials. 2020’s list featured rejections such as ‘FK COVID,’ ‘MCHSUX‘ and ‘F CAROL B,’ a nod to the Netflix series “Tiger King.”

Ohio’s new standard license plate, a landscape scene that replaces the state’s old, word-heavy design became effective Dec. 29. A cleaner new design is used for special organization plates, like those that feature a sports team or university logo.

The first vanity plate rejected in 2022? ‘2FN SLOW,’ denied on Monday.