DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Children’s Hospital celebrated its 10th annual Superhero Day on Tuesday, recognizing the patients, families, caregivers and staff who are all superheroes.

For this year’s event, staff and patients dressed up as their favorite superheroes. Superheroes, like Batman, Captain America and Spiderman, also visited with patients throughout the day.

The tradition began ten years ago in honor of a patient who loved several of these comic book characters.

The day gives patients a chance to smile with their visitors, along with a huge morale boost for the other superheroes on the hospital staff.

“It’s a huge morale booster for our staff. I think it also helps build that comradery and also that connection with patients that superheroes are people everywhere,” Karen Muller, Child Life Manager at Dayton Children’s, said.

“I think anytime you can make someone smile, it helps with their healthcare journey.”

If you want to join in the fun for next year’s event, contact the Child Life Department at Dayton Children’s.