DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Miami Valley health officials are sharing ways to protect yourself if you plan on attending a New Year’s event this weekend.

In addition, there are several factors to consider before making those celebration plans.

Large gatherings come while we are still in the grasp of a tripledemic, with an increased risk of spreading RSV, influenza and COVID-19 from person to person.

“If you encounter somebody who does have active COVID, and you’re interacting closely, you’re going to have a significant risk of acquiring that infection,” Dr. Roberto Colon, Chief Medical Officer at Miami Valley Hospital, said.

“Individuals are at a particularly high risk for getting complicated disease. We want to make sure that they reconsider attending any of these events.”

Health officials are advising people in the high-risk category include the elderly, immunocompromised, people with heart disease and people who already have a respiratory illness. If you are in this group, or know someone who is, take additional precautions.

“We are going to recommend that they wear the mask, even if they’ve had the booster, because we want to minimize the chance for complications as low as possible,” Dr. Colon said.

Health officials say that if you are already sick, you should save the celebration for next year.