DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — If you attended a holiday gathering where you suspected someone was sick, medical experts have a few steps to follow.

They say you will want to test for COVID-19 before going back to work or school, keep medications handy just in case and mask up if you are traveling.

“If you’re traveling nowadays, make sure you are wearing a mask. Obviously, it’s even better if you’re wearing a mask and have your vaccine,” Dr. Hany Atallah, Chief Medical Officer at Jackson Health, said.

“If you can schedule your travel at times where it’s a less busy travel time, which of course is difficult this time of season, that’s a good idea as well.”

Across the nation, COVID-related hospitalizations are up seven percent, and deaths are up 15 percent. In Ohio, we saw nearly 8,000 cases in the last weekly count, with more than 600 hospitalizations and 93 deaths.

Medical experts said that receiving a flu shot or a COVID booster could make a massive difference.