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I Love Dayton: Maid-Rite, Greenville's sandwich staple

GREENVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) - GREENVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) - A Darke County and Greenville staple has been serving customers a unique sandwich for 85 years.

Is it a burger or a sloppy joe? Maid-Rite customers like it either way.

The secret to their success? Well, it is a secret. 

"It's a loose meat sandwich. Similar to a sloppy joe with no sauce. It has a family secret seasoning in it. It is a family secret seasoning. There is no one here that actually knows what's in it," said Steve Canter, a Maid-Rite managing partner.

The Maher family opened Maid-Rite in 1934 and the recipe has been a closely guarded secret ever since. 

2 NEWS talked to a customer that came from Fairborn just to get a taste. 

"It's one of those family tradition things. I call it a sloppy joe. It's whatever you want to call it. It is definitely different," said Debbie Popp. 

There is another reason Maid-Rite is a must visit, just like Seattle, there's a gum wall.

"Chew your gum on the way up here and when you come here find a spot you want to stick your gum on. That's a little bit of the ambiance. That's what my grandkids like to do," said Popp. 

"We are known for our outside wall. The gum wall. But what keeps the business going and why we've been here for 85 years is the sandwich and the quality meat use in it," said Canter. 

It's the Maid-Rite quality that has kept the seats filled as the community keeps coming back for more. 

"There used to be dances and stuff in the basement. It's always been a large part of the community," said Canter. "They are not going to find it anywhere else. They need to come and try it."


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