DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Chuck and Margie Bulpin’s school spirit is legendary at Carroll High School.

The couple, both in their late 80s, have become fixtures at every football game and practice for nearly 30 years.

“Everybody around here knows the Bulpins,” Margie, 87, laughed.

“Chuck and Margie Bulpin are our number one fans,” Carroll head coach Ben Rulli said. “They don’t miss practice, they don’t miss games. In the offseason, they pop by the weight room to check on the boys. And they are always our biggest supporters on Friday nights.”

Carroll fans will immediately recognize the Bulpins’ iconic blue station wagon with Patriot window decals. Their fandom also extends to their Dayton home, with the Carroll logo painted on its garage door and VIP football posters hanging in the front windows.

The super fans started coming to football games when their son played in the high school band. Now they said they enjoy cheering for every player.

“If somebody says, ‘You don’t have any kids that play.’ We say, ‘Yes we do. We have about 50 kids who play,'” Margie said.

Rulli added, “(The players) are all kind of like their grandchildren. We all are. They take care of us and they’re just really big supporters of Patriot football.”

The Bulpins have been married for almost 67 years and credit their mutual interest in Carroll sports and their socialization at events with their long, happy life.

“Rather than just sitting at home watching TV, we come out here and watch the boys,” Margie explained. “They all talk to us and they’re just our friends — all of them.”