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I Love Dayton: Bill's Donut Shop open for business after renovations

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) - A Miami Valley favorite is back open after making some updates, but for almost 60 years, not much has else has changed at Bill's Donut Shop.

The shop started in 1960 and back then it was located in downtown Dayton. Since then, it has changed locations several times and changed ownership.

Now it's a fixture on Route 48 in Centerville and has become famous not only for its donuts but also for its community involvement.

For co-owners Lisa Tucker and Jim Elam, this is a family legacy.

“We still do stuff the same way mom and dad did it back in the sixties,” said Lisa.

That consistency -- from the recipes to the friendly service -- keeps customers coming back. For some, like regular customer Tom Hartwick, it is almost a daily visit.

"Three mornings a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 till 10:30 usually," he said.

Even a week-long closure for renovations only changed the necessary things such as updated display cases, air conditioning, and parking lot.

According to co-owner Jim Elam, “Everything else is still pretty nostalgic and I think most people like that.”

Since Lisa and Jim's parents moved the shop to this location in 1979, they doubled the kitchen size, and the staff fries, frosts and sprinkles 24-hours a day. However, many say they love Bill's for something even sweeter.

Regular customer Dick Neff said, “I admire Bill’s because they’re so community-minded.”

Proceeds still help grant wishes to sick children through a charity started by Bill himself back in the 1980s, and you'll almost always find a bin or a flyer in the store with other ways to help the community.

“We feel blessed to be part of this community,” said Lisa, “We’re thankful for everything they’ve done for us, so in return, we like to give back to people who got us where we are.”

Those people say they'll stick around as long as Bill's does.

According to Tom, "They have the best donuts around -- in the state, if not the country!"

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