DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Health officials share their concerns for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and local doctors say respiratory illnesses and what you eat on Thanksgiving are the two most important things to consider ahead of the holiday.

“This is the perfect time to get the protection you need,” said Bruce Vanderhoff, Director of ODH.

Compared to last year, statewide reports of RSV, COVID, and Flu cases are down. But officials say now is the best time to get yourself vaccinated. Especially if you plan to travel for the holidays.

“People traveling in an automobile together where if they’re coughing or breathing on each other, that can spread respiratory viruses,” said Dr. Jeffery Weinstein, Patient Safety Officer for Kettering Health.

Weinstein says it’s important to remember that it takes about two weeks for your bodies to develop protective antibodies after being vaccinated.

Another concern for health officials is obesity.

According to statistics, Ohio ranks seventh in the country for obesity, with nearly 40% of Ohioans struggling with the condition.

Dr. Melissa King, obesity medicine specialist at Dayton Children’s suggests keeping meals uncomplicated; incorporate fruit and vegetables with each meal.

“How can you balance it? You know, do you have some fruits accounted for? Do you have some vegetables accounted for?” said King.

Another tip from King is to eat every three to four hours.

“We know that if we go prolonged periods of time without eating, we’re very hungry, which makes us tend to overeat, tends to not necessarily make the healthiest choices because we want something quick and fast in whatever we can get our hands on,” said King.

King says not to underestimate the impact of a short 10 to 15 minute walk with the family after your Thanksgiving dinner.