DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – On Monday, President Biden put stricter COVID-19 testing requirements for international travelers coming into the United States. The new requirement calls for people ages two and older to receive a negative COVID-19 test one day before their scheduled departure, a change from the former 72 hour negative test requirement.

Traveling from Oregon to see family this holiday season, Robin Simmons feels regardless of peoples beliefs, this new requirement is helpful. “I think that’s a good decision. You know I think we’re trying to find some way to maintain some sense of safety for everybody,” said Simmons.

However, not everyone agrees. 2 NEWS caught up with Michael Carver, who was traveling for work at the Dayton International Airport. Carver says he feels the stricter testing is too much. “I mean it’s a virus just like a flu shot. Everyone gets a flu shot every year for a reason, because it mutates. My thought, we’ve kinda let it take its toll. Just gotta keep moving on,” said Carver.

According to the CDC, non-U.S. citizens who are also non-immigrants wanting to enter the United States must also be fully vaccinated if eligible. Kettering Health Patient Safety Officer Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein says he’s encouraged by the new requirements, but worries they won’t be enough.

“It’s not yet really well known whether the vaccines prevent against the omicron strain. So, yes it can help but it’s not perfect. As time goes by we’re seeing more and more cases, especially in people who’ve not had a booster dose of the vaccine,” said Dr. Weinstein. “Someone could be incubating the virus at a very low level that can’t be detected by the test. Then, over the next few days the level of virus in your system increases.”

With omicron cases also on the rise, Dr. Weinstein has some extra protection advice for travelers. “If it’s an American traveling abroad doing your research. Look at how many cases of COVID per population there are in the country you’re traveling to. Whether there’s any traveling advisories out for that country,” said Weinstein.