DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN ) – On Friday, January 7, the Supreme Court will look at two of President Biden’s key vaccine policies. These include whether employers who have more than 100 workers along with federally-funded health care facilities requiring vaccinations.

“One is the OSHA mandate, to employers who have over 100 workers. The other is the health care mandate for health care workers, which was issued by the Health and Human Services Department,” said Cedarville University professor of history and law Marc Clauson.

Nicknamed the “Rocket Docket,” meaning the cases moved quickly from district to circuit courts then to the Supreme Court, where a decision is expected quickly as well. “If the Supreme Court says, you know, we have no problem with the power of HHS or OSHA, then it’s pretty clear that the president will probably go forward with the mandates,” said Clauson.

This means that everyone with more than 100 employees will be required to enforce vaccinations or regular testing. However, Clauson said he’s not sure these policies will be passed.

“One, the OSHA mandate doesn’t seem to fall under the powers of OSHA that is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Number two, it looks like even if it were under their powers, they’ve overstepped their authority under their powers. As far as the HHS mandate for health care workers, similar situations. It’s a little iffy on that one but it seems they don’t have the scope of authority they need to do that under the powers that are given and under the constitution,” said Clauson.

All depending on the Supreme Court’s ruling, the federal government could begin enforcing these mandates next Monday.