DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new study out of Israel shows Pfizer’s two-dose covid-19 vaccine is only 64% effective against the new coronavirus Delta Variant. However, that same study shows Pfizer is 94% effective in preventing serious illness.

“Still way more effective than we’re used to. They’re kind of a victim of their own success really. Pfizer was so good at the other COVID strains. This one’s just a little bit less, but it still gives you quite a bit of protection,” said Premier Health Regional Medical Director Doctor Joseph Allen.

Josh Pressnell is fully vaccinated with both Pfizer doses. While he’s a little nervous about the new information that’s come out, work requires being in public. “I have to go back to traveling for business. I’m getting on airplanes and I’m going out into meetings in public. Those are areas that I can’t control,” said Pressnell.

Experts have also suggested that since both Pfizer and Moderna are MRNA vaccines, Moderna likely will provide similar effectiveness to Pfizer against the Delta variant. However, no specific study data has been released on Moderna’s effectiveness to the Delta variant yet.