DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– A key development in the fight against the coronavirus was announced Sunday as the state is now averaging fewer than 50 cases per 100k people. It’s long been a goal of Governor Mike DeWine’s, and at one point had been a requirement to loosen restrictions.

When DeWine announced he would loosen restrictions, he was confident we’d be close to averaging that 50 case goal. Even though we’ve finally achieved it, health leaders are still warning residents to wear face coverings.

“We’ve taken the lead and we’re ahead of this virus at this point,” said DeWine.

A monumental moment for Ohioans, the state is averaging 49 cases per 100k. Even with restrictions gone, health leaders advised residents last week this isn’t a time to ditch all guidelines.

“Please do not get rid of your masks, you’re still going to need them in a lot of different settings including health care,” said MVH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roberto Colon. “If you come to a health care facility, doctors offices, hospitals you’re still going to need to wear the mask and we’re not done with the pandemic or done with the virus. This is just the beginning so take it slow.”

According to the coronavirus dashboard, more than half of the state remains unvaccinated which still poses a risk for at-risk Ohioans.

“The way we move forward, way we assure we get back to normal is for more and more of us to get vaccinated,” said DeWine.

As of now, face coverings and social distancing isn’t required businesses can still choose to enforce their own mask mandate.