DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – With the Christmas holiday weekend now behind us, hospitals across The Miami Valley are feeling the impact of COVID19 case surges and hospitalizations. Kettering Health Patient Safety Officer Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein says he and his team, also seeing a spike in cases and very ill patients with the virus.

“We kinda held steady last week then through the weekend we’ve been increasing again in terms of numbers of patients. Also, numbers that are very very sick and on ventilators, and also deaths from COVID,” said Dr. Weinstein.

Greene County resident Megan Randall says her Christmas plans were canceled this year due to a family medical emergency, which heightens her concerns personally about hospitalization spikes. “Right now I’ve got about five or six friends that have COVID and all of them are vaccinated. So, it’s a huge concern because we thought that we were being safe by getting vaccinated. Now, everyone we know is dropping,” said Randall.

Dr. Weinstein says the majority of the hospitalized patients being seen right now at Kettering Health with COVID19 are unvaccinated. “About 85 percent of our admissions are not vaccinated, have never been vaccinated. Most of the deaths I don’t have exact numbers, but most of the deaths are in unvaccinated. That’s even higher than 85 percent by my estimation.”

This overwhelming number of cases and hospitalizations, also causing immense stress on health care workers, who are also becoming ill with the virus. “That reduces the number of nurses, doctors, and others in the hospital to take care of patients,” said Dr. Weinstein.

As we enter a new year, Dr. Weinstein says he hopes people make it their resolution to get the vaccine and booster. “Even though the vaccines are not 100 percent at preventing the infection, they are very very very effective at preventing hospitalization and death. So, you might get infected but you’re not going to get terribly sick.”