DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Pandemic-related shortages are impacting companies across the country and in the Miami Valley. At local pharmacies, it’s not just COVID tests and medications in short supply, there’s also a shortage of employees.

“Just yesterday we had four to five positive cases come through so we know this surge after the holiday is just going to go up and we stand prepared to care for our people,” said Justin Colby, director of pharmacy at Cedar Care Village Pharmacy.

Staff at Miami Valley stores are vaccinating, testing, and treating patients at record levels.

“We do about 600-700 scripts a day so we’re constantly working and giving vaccines is at the top of the market right now,” said Desiree Mabe, the lead pharmacy technician at ZIKS Family Pharmacy.

Pharmacists rely heavily on technicians, but as the labor shortage continues their fuel is running low.

“We’re the head to the body. We need the technicians to make the pharmacy run,” Mabe said.

“They have been the heroes in the pharmacy. Unfortunately, technicians don’t get the fanfare they deserve. They really are the lifeblood, they are the engine that runs a pharmacy,” said Colby.

ZIKS Family Pharmacy is actively recruiting pharmacy technicians. Click here to learn more.