DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Federal regulators are expected to authorize the mixing and matching of COVID-19 booster doses this week. Some health leaders in the Miami valley say they could start providing a mixture of booster doses as soon as next Monday.

Health Commissioner of Clark County Combined Health District Charles Patterson says allowing mixing and matching could make the task of getting a booster simpler for residents and allow people who may have had adverse reactions to the initial dose to try a different shot.

“Maybe they had an odd reaction to a certain type of vaccine, so they’ll want to switch because they don’t want to follow up with that type of reaction again,” said Patterson.

 Patterson anticipates the Moderna booster will be the most requested booster pending approval.

“Getting the Moderna booster seems to be the most effective vaccine that we’ve seen so the reason why people may want to mix and match,” said Patterson. “It would be people who want to follow up their Johnson and Johnson vaccine with one that’s MRNA. It’s certainly a great idea to follow up with the same vaccine you’ve already had, but if you want to try something different there’s potential to increase your protection if you go with Moderna rather than Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson.”

However, Patterson believes some will be uncomfortable mixing doses.

“Switching while it may provide some additional immunity it could provide opportunities for their bodies to react in different ways so that will be a personal choice,” said Patterson.

The CDC’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices will be meeting Wednesday and Thursday, and if they reach a decision they will then send their recommendation to the director for a final answer.